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Dsw Virtual

Posted by AppHQ Collaborator on

 From the first Smarwatch to the present day, more than thirteen years have passed and the evolution of the Smartwatch has been constant, because to new technologies.

Because to the bluetooth system, just by touching the Smartwatch screen, being wearable, you have access to a multitude of functions, from controlling your steps on a walk, heart rate, thermometer, altimeter, answering calls, messages, whatsapp, sms, even Be connected with your friends on Social Networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, or take photos.


We show you a Smartwatch from our store Dsw Virtual, which has great sales success, thanks to a really affordable price of just 42.92 euros

Zeblade Smartwatch

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Smartwatches are evolving at breakneck speed, they are no longer just high-tech machines on our wrist, they are also fashion items with beautiful and innovative designs.

We show you a beautiful and original model that we have in our store for a price of only 155,99 euros, now lowered, with functions such as Multidial, GPS, phone calls, Wifi, camera, SIM card, 3G.

Multifunction Smarwatch



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